Flora / Vegetation Communities


Significant areas of native plant vegetation exist in the Park, particularly on the northern boundary with Tyers Park:


Common Name Scientific Name
Silvertop Open Forest Yertchuk

Photo: Ken Harris

Apple Box Open Forest Red Box 
Silverleaf Stringbark Open Forest Messmate Stringbark


















Of the 270 indigenous plant species in the Park, 8 species are identified as rare, interesting or restricted:


Common Name

Scientific Name

Branching Daisy Brachyscome aculeate
Grassland Daisy Brachyscome angustifolia 
Shrubby Velvet Bush Lasiopetalum macrophyllum
Fringed Bearded Heath Leucopogon collinus

Photo: Ken Harris

Narrow Leaf Logania Logania alibiflora
Box Micfrantheum Micrantheus hexandrum
Sweet Forget-me-not Myosotis sauveolens
Hairy Pink Bells Tetratheca pilosa


























Also orchids:

Common Name Scientific Name
Orange-tipped Caledenia Caledenia aurantiaca
Hooded Caledenia Caledenia cucullate







There are several species of wattle and many wildflowers can be seen during spring.