A great variety of birdlife can be found and birdwatching is undertaken by many visitors to the Park.  Superb Lyrebirds and 90 other bird species have been recorded locally, including:


Brown Thornbill  
Striated Thornbill  
Crimson Rosella  
Fan-tailed Cuckoo  
Kookaburra Photo: Ken Harris
Peregrine Falcon  
Azure Kingfisher  
White-winged Triller  



Animals that can be seen include;

Grey Kangaroos Photo: Ken Harris
Possums Photo: Ken Harris
Wallabies Photo: Ken Harris
Koalas Photo: Ken Harris




Twenty koalas were relocated to the Park from a coastal island and have settled in well.


Reptiles and amphibians have been less well documented but it has been recorded that 11 species of frogs, 5 species of lizards and 2 snakes copperhead snake and red-bellied black snake can be expected in the vicinity of the Park.


Little documentation is available on the fish fauna but it has been noted that there has been only one introduced fish species English Perch to the Tyers River.  In addition, River Blackfish and Short-finned Eel are the most numerous species present, especially where the river has slow moving water.